Transaction Details

Transaction Details Overview

  1. Signature: Transaction ID/hash

  2. Block: Slot number of the block that contains the transaction.

  3. Timestamp: Read more about the Solana Proof of History protocol here:

  4. Result:

    Success/Failure: The result of transaction

    Finalized (Max confirmations): The statement that the transaction has already been validated by validator nodes.

  5. Signer: Sender Address.

  6. Fee: Gas fee for the transaction.

  7. Main Actions: Transaction breakdown into one or multiple transfers.

  8. tx MAP: transaction flow visualizer.

  9. Your Notes: You can add notes/reminders/labels for this transaction.

Create Associated Account:

Making transactions on Solana means that you have to create a Token Account for each type of token that you want to make a transaction on. In case that you do not establish a token account to store the said token, the protocol you use automatically creates a token (associated) account for you.

  1. Authority: Owner Wallet Address

  2. Associated Account: Token Account Created by the Program.

  3. Token Address: Token Address used in the transaction.

Instruction Details

Solana transactions are composed of instructions. Each instruction contains the program ID it invokes, program instruction, and a list of accounts that the transaction needs to write or read. Instruction Details show information of the interaction among instructions, programs and accounts under the hood. For general users, we recommend hiding these details for better experience.

For example:

The below instruction includes:

  • Interaction with Magic Eden v2 program

  • Instruction Data: hex or encoded data.

  • Input Accounts: all accounts the transaction writes or reads through this instruction

  • Inner instructions: another layer of instructions where interactions with system programs occur.

Program log

A log of the execution of programs, showing all events that occur through instructions.

For general users, we would recommend hiding the details of this section for simplier experience.

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