Token Page

In the Tokens tab, you will find the list of all Tokens recognized by the Solscan system.

  • Token: Name and ticker.

  • Holders: The number of holders of the token.

  • Price: Price (real-time updated).

  • 24H: Price changes within the last 24 hours.

  • 7D: Price change over 7 days (users can change the display within a range from 7 days to 1 year.

  • Market Cap (F.D) - Market Cap based on the current price, fully diluted.

Token Page

You will find all Token overviews, information about the price, market cap fully diluted, the total supply of that Token, the number of holders, and the Token issuer’s social and contact information.

Profile Summary

You will find the name and ticker, Address of the token and mint authority.

Transaction Tab

Users will find the most recent transactions and information on them: blocks, times (which can be toggled between the time that has passed and the actual time), instructions and the account responsible for executing the transactions.

Holders Tab: Here you will see the address (Token Account), the owner (Owner Address), the percentage of the total supply, and its value based on the current price.

Analysis Tab: Users can view 2 charts:

  • The Graph chart represents the number of holders and active holders. You can untick all of the holders boxes to see only the active holders' trends.

  • The Pie chart represents the token distribution (you can choose between showing top 10 or top 20, 50, 100). Below the pie chart is information about the allocation of the total supply that the corresponding top owners have.

Users can see the Exchange (DEX that the Token is traded on), the Pair that the token appears in, the price (ratio between 2 tokens in the pair), the Total Value Locked in the pool, and the 24-hour trading volume.

Token Data Display Tool Tip:

Browse Solana’s tokens in a more advanced and intuitive fashion Users can now check no. of holders for each token, price changes in 24 hours. More specifically, price changes will also be reflected in a larger time scale (up to 1Y period). Check out our updates here:

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