Solscan Integration Guideline

Thank you for choosing Solscan API. You might find some branding rules to use as a guide below. This documentation is being updated on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact us via discord:

Integrating Solscan in your App

If you are integrating APIs or data source from Solscan. Please redirect information on your app to Solscan as default blockchain explorer on Solana blockchain.

For example, "Data provided by Solscan", "Data from Solscan" or "Powered by Solscan"

For technical integration please reach out to us on Twitter/Discord for more support.

Branding Guideline

You may use the Solscan name and logo in marketing for your app as long as you follow the Solscan branding guidelines.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that Solscan endorses your app. For example, you can say "Data provided by Solscan", "Data from Solscan" or "Powered by Solscan"

  • If you will be doing significant marketing that includes the Solscan logo, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter/ Discord

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