The front page to all things Solscan

This is the primary window when users interact with Solscan for the first time. All metrics related to the ecosystem at large are updated in real-time here. At the top of the page, you will find various toolkits related to different blockchain verticals within the Solana Ecosystem, allowing proper tracking and monitoring of different aspects/ activities across Solana

Right below is the search bar. Solscan Search allows for users to track token pairs, name services, token by programs, etc. The deep dive into functionalities of this will be covered at Search Bar

The next section of the home page covers key NFTs and DeFi activities across the Solana Ecosystem. The NFT Dashboard covers the top collections on Solana within the last 30 days, while The DeFi Dashboard gives a nice overview of the volume and trading distribution across major DEXes and various other protocols. For further depth, users can check out “View dashboard” at the top right corner of the section.

At the bottom section for Solscan, users can check and monitor Solana’s TPS and Average Ping Time across different timeframes, as well as live updates straight from our Twitter Feed @solscanoffficial. On top of the TPS bar, you will find the indicator for True TPS, which represents user-generated actions. 1 sign for user = 1 true TPS.

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