Update Token Details

Solscan has switched to using Metaplex Metadata as the newest token standard across the network.

When you create a token, you want to make sure that the token shows up in user's wallets with a name, ticker, and image. Solana uses the Token Metadata Program from Metaplex to achieve this.

The metadata account address is derived from the mint account. The metadata field requires a JSON file to be populated with at least the following:

  "name": "Coin name",
  "symbol": "Symbol",
  "image": "Image link"

To attach the metadata to the mint account, you can use CreateMetadataV2.

Some background for users and developers:

The concept of tokens on Solana is not binary anymore as there are different types of tokens on Solana than simply “fungible” and “non-fungible” tokens.

The Metaplex’s token standard field can have the following values:

  • NonFungible: A non-fungible token with a Master Edition.

  • FungibleAsset: A token with metadata that can also have attributes, sometimes called Semi-Fungible.

  • Fungible: A token with simple metadata.

  • NonFungibleEdition: A non-fungible token with an Edition account (printed from a Master edition).

This section serves two goals: Assist developers with the process of creating new Token using Metaplex Token Standard: Also help them update “legacy tokens” metadata with the Metaplex standard.

The JSON schema for the tokens according to the Metaplex Fungible Token Metadata Standard includes the following:

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