Blockchain Tab

The Blockchain Tab allows you to check out real-time transactions/blocks that has been done and confirmed/verified.

Transactions Tab: Real time transactions, with definitive instructions from the system.

  • Signature: The Solana runtime verifies that each signature was signed by the private key corresponding to the public key at the same index in the message's account addresses array.

  • Block: The block number at which the transaction is included and signed.

  • Time: The exact time of the transactions' update in the system

  • Instruction: Execution logic/ command of the transaction

  • By: Signer of the transaction

  • Fee: Payment to the validator for executing the action

Click on Signature will take you to Transaction Details:


Block Tab: monitoring new blocks on the chain

  • Blockhash: The unique identifier of a block

  • Slot: the period of time in which validator ingest and create a block

  • Time: how long ago was the block created

  • TXN count: number of TXN inside the block

  • Leader: The validator that creates the block

  • Reward: of Sol earned on the block

Click on Blockhash or Slot to navigate to the content of the block

Within the Block Detail Page, you will see two separated sections:

Block Details: Give you an overview of the block

  • Block: The slot that the block comes in

  • Timestamp: Real-time tracking of when the block is created

  • Blockhash: Unique ID to the block

  • Leader: The validator that performs the creation of the block

  • Rewards: The amount of SOL rewarded for creating the block

  • Transactions: number of transactions inside the block

  • Previous Blockhash: The identifier of the previous block in the chain

Transactions: This is the list of all transactions included inside the block.

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