State of the Network Check on Solana:

  • Current: Number of Live validators, and total % of them within the system

  • Delinquent : number of Sol Validator that are not active in the current network

  • Weighted skip rate: % of assigned slots that validators have missed.

  • Stake: total amount of SOL,(since genesis) has been stake

  • Node version: Distribution of software update types across all Solana Validators.

The second section goes in-depth about the validator sets, and their current status across the board.

All Validators: Gives you a proper view on validators' performance across the

  • Identity: Name of the

  • Vote account: the account that the validator votes with

  • Commission: How much do validators earn on their execution and voting

  • Last vote slot: The last time slot that the validator construct a block

  • Root vote slot: The last slot to reach full lockout commitment necessary for

  • Skip rate: percentage of blocks get passed on to other validators

  • Credit: the number of rewards the validator has generated through its lifetime

  • Version: The version of the validator

  • Active stake: the amount of SOL staked to the validator

Node versions: Monitor node version across the node systems

  • Version: The version of the validators

  • Current: the number of validators active following the version

  • Delinquent: the number of validators inactive following the version

  • Total: the total number of validators using the node

Leader Schedule

  • Slot: the time block

  • Leader: the validator that conduct the block.

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