The program page shows you the relevant info regarding a specific program. Programs are "smart contract" on Solana

On the top left of the page, you will see the address of the program, as well as its public display name Overview: This section gives you an overview of the program, including the following:

  • Sol Balance: The amount of Sol within the Program

  • Executable: The ability of the program to execute instructions

  • Executable data: The data for program Execution

  • Upgradable: The ability to be upgraded from Owner

  • Upgrade authority: Who can upgrade the program

  • SPL Token balance: The balance of SPL tokens within the program

More Info: Clarification, for ease of viewing:

  • Public name: The public name for the program

  • Owner: the owner of the program, having authority and ability to make changes over the program

  • Rent Epoch: keeps track of the next time rent should be collected from the account.

  • Last Deployed slot: The slot in which the program was last deployed.

The underneath section keeps track of transactions that occur within the Program


  • Transaction tabs: Monitor transactions created within the Program

  • SPL Transfers: Transfers of SPL tokens

  • Anchor Program IDL: Allows developers and hobbyist to check out the underlying actions and functions of the contract. Information can be seen in "Raw" / "Detail" filter. Under "Details" function, the program can be broken down and filtered further.


  • Accounts Data: monitor the data utilized in the programs. Can be filtered by "Account" as well as other parameters on the page.

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