Everything you need to know about Solscan and fundamental information about Solana blockchain.

1. Are Solscan's updates real-time?

Yes! Solscan has its own RPC with all the historical ledger data, and it supports users by enabling instant access to the transaction they made.

2. Why does it appear to be a "failed transaction" when I try to add this token into my SPL wallet?

You need to have SOL in your wallet to mint any Address in SOL wallet to do this.

3. How do we list our tokens on Solscan?

You can place request a request on Solana github, and your token information will be automatically updated on Solscan.io: http://github.com/solana-labs/token-list

4. How many wallets can we track per account?

You can keep up to 10 wallets under your radar by adding accounts to your Watchlist.

5. How can we keep track of different accounts on SolScan?

You can track desired accounts on Solscan by adding them to your Wallet.

6. Should I use personal labels?

You should use the Personal Labels function as it will help you create simple and memorable names for all of your interested accounts because blockchain accounts can be confusing on occasion.

7. How do I see top holders of a token on Solscan?

Simply click on the token and you will see its top 25 holders in the "Transactions" section.

8. How can I see the top holders of an unnamed token on Solscan?

"You can check the top holders of ANY token. Just click on them and the results will be shown in the "Transactions" section. "

9. How can I check the category of different tokens on Solana through Solscan?

You just click on the token to check its category. We have just added the Tags function to feature Solana-based projects to help users easily identify which field(s) the tokens belong to.

10. Do you have a feature that can be used to revoke an address?

Currently, we do not have plans to add the function to call the functions on-chain. Adding this function is a possibility that is being considered.

11. How do I make Solscan work with an Anchor IDL account to parse an unknown instruction better?

You can upload your IDL file to Solana first, then you can contact us via twitter/telegram to provide you with your program address. Currently we maintain a whitelist of Anchor programs to ensure system performance.

12. Can you track all sales and purchases from using DEX on Solscan?

Yes, for now you can check this information using program addresses or market addresses.

13. How can I check the destination of my tokens?

You can check your wallet address on Solscan to learn the destination of your tokens.

14. Why can't I see my transaction on Solscan?

If there are no transactions on Solscan, perhaps the transfer didn't occur.

15. I am having a problem with my Sollet. Can Solscan help me with it?

If you have problems with Sollet - access a channel called #sollet-help in Serum Discord. I believe you will find useful resources there - or people who will be able to assist you.

16. What is SPL Transfer?

SPL Transfer refers to the action of trans non-native tokens within the Solana ecosystem.

17. What is Token Account?

Token Account is the address that holds your tokens.

18. What is Stake Account?

A Stake Account indicates the number of staked accounts that users are staking for.

19. How do I export a CSV report for Tx history?

Go to your account address, click on SPL transfer/ SOL transfer, use the button at the top right of the table.

20. I have transferred a token to/from an exchange, and that transaction displayed correctly on Solscan, but I do not see my exchange balance reflected in the deposits/withdrawals. What should I do?

Solscan displays and interprets what has actually happened on-chain, and it does not have the ability to change or reverse any transactions. You should get in contact with the exchange where you expected to see your account information.

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