NFT Page

Indepth look at your favorite NFT on Solscan.

The overview section gives you a proper breakdown on some relevant information regarding the NFTS.

  • NFT Name: The name of the NFT

  • Status: some insights regarding the state of the NFT - location, ability to mutate

  • External Link: Link to the project site

  • Royalty: sale percentage on the NFT paid out to the creator

  • Collection: the collection where users can find similar NFTs

  • Market Place: where users can buy the NFT on the secondary markets

  • Creators: Originators of the NFTs, with different ownership level of the royalty

  • Attributes: Different attributes of the

Profile Summary

Display the info regarding the technical aspects of the NFT (as an SPL Token)

  • Token Address: The hosted position of the NFT

  • Mint time: The time of the NFT Minting period

  • Mint Authority: The program where the mint starts

  • Update authority: The owner of the mutation of the NFT, can upgrade the contract

  • Sol Balance: Value of the NFT

  • Token supply: the supply of this specific NFT (1)

NFT Token Page

This is similar to the Token Page, with the difference being that the NFT is also a token, with a supply of 1.

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