Collection Page

Monitor the activities of the entire collection. Tracking the performance over time, with our visualized statistics.


  • Items: Number of NFTs within the collection

  • Holders: Number of holder in the collection

  • Traded On: The secondary market where the NFT is sold

  • Floor Price: The lowest price to acquire the NFT from this collection

  • Volume 24hrs: Total $SOL transacted on the collection in the past 24hrs

  • Live Activity Feed: sales movement, floor price up dates in real time across the collections

Items Tab

Allow users to track the latest activities on all NFTs within a collection.

One Tip : if you click on the pointer on the NFT, this will direct you straight the transaction that just recently take place, and you can have full detail of the transaction.

Trade: Real-time update trading activities of the collection.

Real-time update trading activities of the collection.

Markets Tab: showcase the volume of the collection on specific marketplaces

  • Marketplace: the marketplace where activities for collections take place

  • Volume 7D: trading volume for respective marketplaces

  • Listings: number of listings

  • Traders: number of traders/ active wallets.

Activity tab: Real update on collection activities

  • NFT: The specific NFT

  • Action: the action being taken

  • price: Value denominated in SOL

  • from: Initiating wallet

  • to: Recipient wallet

  • Marketplace: where the activity takes place

  • Tx: transaction for checking.

Holders Tab: give you an in-depth look into the distribution of the collection

  • Holder (Owner account): the wallet addresses that hold at least 1 item from the NFT collection

  • Number: Number of NFTs within the collection that the address is holding

  • Percentage: The percentage wise of wallet holding, in relation to total collection supply.

Analysis Tab: Visualization of price action, and volume activities

  • volume: trading volume in the specific time frame

  • active address; Active wallet trading the nft

  • floor price: the updated price off the NFT in real time

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