Solscan Analytics Dashboard allows you to monitor in-depth various aspects of the Solana Network. There are three main sections within our analytics dashboard, including Solana Network Statistic, Fee Tracker, and Adhoc Reports.

The Solana Network Statistic Section: Provides real-time updates of Solana Network Statistics, including Total Transactions, TPS Performance, Total Fees, Number of Blocks, Number of Validators, and Vote Counts. All are displayed in a clean UI, allowing for proper tracking and assessment of the overall network health.

With the implementation of QuiC and Fee Market, Fee Tracker is born, to allow proper pinpoint of activity surge across the network at any given time. This also allows for analysis and discoveries of new insights, simply by monitoring Programs and Account Usage, as well as different fee mechanisms for comparison.

Adhoc Reports is a special section, where we query and highlights based on crucial/ time-sensitive community event. Our latest event report focus on the exploit of the Slope Wallet, with more timely reports on the way!

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